Location  Ankara, Turkey
Category  Offices
ADG Interiors  Interior Design
Lead Interior Designer  Luana Mahfouz
Project Consultant  ZAMUCH UK
Project Team  Yasmine Bitar, Jad Fenergi, Gebran Marina, Ayla Shalhoub
Area  6000 sqm
Status  completed
Client  Ziraat Bank

Ziraat Bank Ankara

A dialogue between the old and the new… 
The ADG team intervened in the spectacular interior extension in the Ziraat Bank Museum that contributes to the Turkish national historical Architectural style in an authentic way. The atrium was converted into a gathering space where people can meet and take advantage of the existing sky light. The transparency was contributed in order to highlight the precious historical elements that this building embodies. Further, the glass partition in the middle of the atrium allows the users to see a motif that the building embodies from different angles inside the building. Second, the additional architectural elements created a subtle vertical circulation that helped to enhance the horizontal circulation in terms of light and fluidity. These contributions mainly focused on converting the interior space from separated sects into open and fluid space.  Thus, these architectural interventions maintain the historical value of the building yet embraced the building within a transition from the historical period to the recent state of Turkey. In addition, the team dealt with Turkish specialists so that the work meets the Turkish rules and regulations. The light was very well integrated in this project so that the dialogue between old and the new takes its place. Hence, all furniture and wood works are restored, only the lighting fixtures are changed to modern efficient pieces.