Location  Beirut , Lebanon
Category  Residential
Lead Interior Designer  Yasmine Bitar
Project Team  Elie Abs, Ghinwa El Omari
Area  350 sqm
Materials  Marble, Brass, Porcelain, Wood, Back Painted Glass
Status  Under Construction

IB Apartment

The IB apartment stands out as a renovation project, gracefully nestled within the timeless walls of a venerable old building dating back to the eclectic 70s period of Beirut city. At the core of this transformative renovation project lies a compelling mission — to ingeniously optimize storage space with utmost discretion, orchestrating a symphony of functionality and unleashing the full area to maximize seating capacity. As such, delicate design techniques were employed, utilizing a harmonious blend of sophisticated materials and warm tonalities via the use of marble, ribbed wood, and metal.

Curved walls emerged like gentle brushstrokes upon a canvas, breaking down the rigid structural edges to a harmonious dance between the different rooms, guiding the eye on a journey that effortlessly led from one inviting corner to another.